Our family has been with Discover Preschool for the past 6 years. Both our daughter and our son attended the 2, 3 and 4 year old programs, respectively. We could not be happier with the welcoming, friendly atmosphere and nurturing environment of the school.

There are a wide range of age-appropriate toys that encourages development and stimulates creative and imaginative play. We have also attended 5 (and counting) of the summer camps. We have not found another experience worth the time and money!

Mrs. Julie Drake and Mrs. Jackie Ross have been extremely attentive, enthusiastic and well prepared for each of the different programs. There are always 2 parents to help with snack, table centers and clean up so that the teachers can focus their attention on the children, which we really love. The Terrific Twos program is a great introduction to school and it is also a fabulous bonding time for you, as a parent, and your 2 year old. It also makes your child extremely comfortable for when it comes time for the Thrilling Threes program and dropping your child off. The Fabulous Fours program is a great preparation for kindergarten, mentally and emotionally. My daughter made such a smooth transition to kindergarten because of the quality activities made possible by Mrs. Drake and Mrs. Ross. I have no doubt that my son will also make the same smooth transition, especially with the longer Friday Readiness program that included lunch!

The most important thing is that our kids both LOVED going to preschool! They both had huge smiles going to school in the morning and had even bigger smiles at the end of the day with the wonderful stories and retelling of everything that they did. From Zoo Phonics to gym time, from Yoga to Spanish introductions, and from story time to snack (and the manners that are emphasized), each learning activity provided our kids with a new experience and wonderful memory. This school is invaluable and I am so happy and grateful that we were able to find such a wonderful introduction to education in a preschool. Thank you so much Mrs. Drake and Mrs. Ross for everything that you have done for our family. You are loved and will be missed!

- Stacey & Joe C.