There is much to say regarding Discover Preschool and the amazing program they offer children ages two to five years old. My husband and I wanted to take the time to express our gratitude towards Mrs. Julie Drake and Mrs. Jackie Ross.

We enrolled our son in both the three year old and four year old program. He also attended numerous summer camps. We loved the program from the start. They have so many wonderful activities for the children. Those activities include art, writing, singing, music, science, and much more. Our son loved it. All the kids and parents were very involved, on a day to day basis. I loved participating in the classroom. Mrs. Drake and Mrs. Ross kept us very involved which was great because you could see all the activities your child was doing, and how he or she coped in a very structured classroom. If you were a helping parent in the classroom you had hands on involvement, and were able to participate with both your child and the other children, which was great!

The children's day would start with friendly "hellos" to each other, along with singing. It was kind of like a morning wake up call. Mrs. Drake would address the children's questions and then they would begin the special activities for the day. The amount of energy both Mrs. Drake and Mrs. Ross have is amazing and they have great patience. They really put more than 100% into the children and the classroom. They would set up different stations throughout the classroom and each child would make their way through each station. They learned so much, I felt that all the children felt very comfortable, and at ease. Our son also attended many of the summer camp programs. He was so excited after each day at camp. He would have so much to tell us about his day.

We really felt our son benefited tremendously. He was more than ready for Kindergarten, which he is attending (2008-2009 school year). He is excelling in all his classes, and we feel this is due to the wonderful program Discover Preschool offered. We have also noticed that some of the work he is doing in his Kindergarten classes he did in his preschool classes, so many activities were not unusual or foreign to him. The one thing I really loved was that they took a lot of pictures and they would share them weekly with us. We also received a "keepsake" book at the end of each year. This meant a lot to all of us. I personally really miss it. What a wonderful experience for my son, and also for us. Discover Preschool was one of the smartest choices we made for our son.

- Sam & Kim F.