Our son attended both the three and four year old programs at Discover as well as several summer camps. He had the most wonderful experiences learning and growing! He loved it and is so prepared for Kindergarten.

The program provides so many great things but I particularly loved all the structured activities that taught them to follow directions, transition from one activity to another and incorporated small and large motor skills into all the tasks. Everything was fun and interesting for the kids but they learned so many skills while they were doing it.

JJ did not pay attention well and was not what I would call a model student at the beginning of the three year old program, even by three-year old standards! Mrs. Drake and Mrs. Ross patiently worked with him and he developed all the skills we wanted him to have, and more. Once a year they assessed him on dozens of areas which gave us specific feedback on his progress as well as what would be expected by Kindergarten.

The curriculum was so well planned that you received specific information about the activities each day so you could ask good questions and hear about the day from your child. It is obvious that Mrs. Drake and Mrs. Ross have so much training and experience but most importantly that they love what they do and are consistently changing, improving and adding new things. Both of them put an incredible amount of energy and focus into making this the best program it can be. My older daughter went to another program which we were very happy with, but Discover Preschool was so much better, I can't imagine a stronger program than theirs.

The program is structured to have two parent helpers in each session, which means you generally have one time a month that you participate with your child. Participating in the class was a great part of the program as well. It gives you a chance to see your child in the classroom setting. This gives you so much information about how he is progressing, much better than a field trip - and makes the kids feel so special and important to share school with a parent. The commitment was minor and the benefit was much greater.

- Jack & Jama L.