Discover Preschool is the best preschool around! That is what I tell everyone who inquires about our preschool experience, and even to those who don't ask!

As an elementary teacher, I couldn't be more pleased and impressed with the curriculum. The theme for the day is developmentally appropriate for the age of the child while the teachers creatively integrate science, math, and literacy in an engaging way. The themes range from numbers to letters, seasons to celebrations… everything important in the development of a preschooler! The well-thought out centers incorporate the theme of the day by providing multisensory, hands-on learning. Our expectations of what a preschool should be were exceeded when we discovered our daughter had developed a love for learning.

As a mother, I couldn't be more pleased with the caring and nurturing environment that both Julie and Jackie provide. Our child felt safe and she was always eager to go to preschool. They understand the whole child, and that social skills are just as important as academics, providing playtime for the children and many opportunities for preschoolers to work together.

I am always amazed how they go above and beyond with Family Fun Nights, Mother's Day Tea, Dad's Night, Spanish, Music, Gym, Art, Zoo-Phonics, and much more! They are always thinking of new ways to make this experience the best for each child by attending conferences/ workshops and taking fantastical ideas and making it a reality for our children (like building an actual circus in the preschool with each child part of a performance! Simply amazing, and only one example out of too many to write about!)

This past year, we temporarily moved out of the area. We knew it was going to be difficult to commute 40 minutes to preschool, but we didn't hesitate. It was our child's third year with Mrs. Drake and Mrs. Ross and we wanted nothing short of the best for her… and we knew it was at Discover.

- Lisa D.