June 10 - 14

Through a variety of hands-on experiences, crafts, songs, stories and imaginative play, children will discover and explore the amazing world of woodland animals. Learn about the many animals living together in the woodlands, from the animals of the soil (find out what isopods are and how to find them, and watch worms at work, both in the classroom and in their natural habitat) to animals in the treetops (observe birds, find out how they make their nests, and make your own birdhouse for the birds at home!).

*One day during the week will be spent at Kensington Metro Park, where we will explore the Nature Center and woodland trails with a Woodland Animal Scavenger Hunt. Children will need to be transported to and from the park on that day. Park pass is required for entry (not included in fee). All other sessions during the week will take place at Discover Preschool.

Join us for this fun learning experience in the woods!