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Discover Nature…
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Summer Camps!

Experience the excitement of discovery as we explore the natural world around us. Through a variety of hands-on, educational activities, games, songs, crafts, stories, and creative movement, children will explore and interact with their environment. Each week-long camp will focus on a different theme, geared specifically for the preschool child and designed to stimulate creativity and growth in a fun, developmentally appropriate setting.

Join us for a fun, enriching summer experience!!
Available for ages 3-5 from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM
$125.00 per week

a shared adventure

Cost includes all supplies, field trips, theme related snacks each day and a different piece of "camp apparel" each week that will be decorated to match the theme (t-shirt, cap, backpack, etc.)

2017 Camp Dates:

June 5-9:
Discover!… Science Fun: Wacky Water and Awesome Air!
June 12-16:
Discover!… Wonderful Woodland Animals!
July 31-August 4:
Discover!… Spectacular Space!

June 5-9: Discover!… Science Fun: Wacky Water and Awesome Air!

Children will explore and discover the wonderful world of water and awesome air through hands-on, interactive activities, science experiments and observation, crafts, songs, stories, and imaginative play. Discover the power of air through fun experiments and observation, then test it when you make and fly your own kite! Have fun IN the water on our "wet and wild" day! Learn about water safety as we spend time with an instructor in the pool at Carl's Family YMCA in Milford.

Great Summer Fun!

June 12-16: Discover!… Wonderful Woodland Animals!

Through a variety of hands-on experiences, crafts, songs, stories and imaginative play, children will explore and discover the fascinating world of woodland animals. Learn about the many animals living together in the woodlands, from the animals of the soil to the animals in the treetops. Have fun as we follow the trails at the Kensington Metro Park Nature Center and record what we see on our nature scavenger hunt.

Join us for this fun learning experience in the woods!

July 31-August 4: Discover!… Spectacular Space!

Join us on a space expedition as we blast off for a week of summertime adventure! Boys and girls will be awed as they use their imaginations to explore space right at Discover Preschool! Our "rocket" will blast off to a new world of fun as we explore space through crafts, songs, stories, imaginative play and science experiments. Help create a "star room" and make and launch your own rocket. We'll end the week with a "splashdown" at the Splash 'n Blast Waterpark at Kensington Metro Park!

Children will have a BLAST during this spectacular week of fun and learning!

He wiggles!

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